Anonymous: Who are your friends?(:

i have some really great friends that I’m truly lucky to have met. i post about them a ton on twitter! I’m actually about to update my blog with a life page with pictures of adventures with friends :-)

ill go like a week without replying to tumblr asks then binge reply to them also I’m pretty sure 90% of my followers have foot fetishes

Anonymous: I think Im a genuinely nice guy and would love to take you out or have you over. I wouldn't know how to approach a beautiful girl like you tho

honestly I’m pretty easy to talk to. I love talking and meeting new people. just say hi and I’ll take it from there :-)

Anonymous: Will you pls do makeup tutorials!!!!

that seems like a lot of work

camykazeee: I have the biggest crush on you.

awe :-)

Anonymous: Post a pic of your feet pleaseeeeee


Anonymous: I just wanna make your legs quiver darling


Anonymous: What is the 3 some ratio you prefer? Clayre-girl-girl? Clayre-girl-boy? Clayre-boy-boy? Clayre-pizza-pizza?


doctorsoule: What is your passion?

writing, meeting new people, learning and cigarettes